Games 2016


Test your natural human potential, compete in the Real Strength Games 2016 and cement your strength in this one of a kind competition.

Main Event:

Athlete Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
Competition Fee: Rs. 3000/- Non members – Free for RS members
Registration Ends: 23-12-16
Venue: Real Strength, 4th Floor, Emerald Tower, Clifton, Karachi.
Competition Date: 25-12-16

Competition Details: Athletes will be required to complete a specially designed circuit which will involve pushing the sled, deadlifting, squatting and bench pressing a certain weight for a certain amount of repetitions, whoever completes the circuit the fastest will be the winner of this competition.

Circuit Details:

2x BW + Dog Sled (50KG) for 50 Feet
10 reps of 120kg Deadlift
10 reps @ 60kg Bench Press
10 reps @ 1x BW Squat

For example: BW denotes bodyweight so an athlete weighing 85 Kgs will push a sled 2x his body weight (50kg(Sled) + 170kg = 220kg) for a distance of 50 feet. Similarly he will squat his bodyweight which in this case is 85 kilograms for 10 reps.

Individual Disciplines:
Competition Fee: Rs. 1000/- per individual discipline for non members – Free for RS members

Athlete Level: Novice/Intermediate/ Advanced
5 rounds for time of 2x bodyweight + 50kg Sled push/ pull for a 50 feet distance

Athlete Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
Maximum number of repetitions at 120kg in under 120 seconds

Bench Press:
Athlete Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
Maximum number of repetitions at 60kg in under 120 seconds

Athlete Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
Maximum number of repetitions at 1x bodyweight in under 120 seconds

Grand Finale:
Max Weight Sled Push – Who ever can push the heaviest weight on this day for 10 yards in under 15 seconds will be the winner and will enjoy a 25% discount on monthly membership for the next three months.

Winner of the main event will be awarded the January membership at Real Strength complimentary while the runner up of this event will enjoy a 50% discount for the month of January 2017. Winner of this competition can also avail a 25% discount on the monthly fee till December 2017.

Winners of the individual disciplines will be awarded 25% discount for the month of January 2017.

So chalk up and get ready to rumble.

• Real Strength Pvt. Ltd in no way will be held responsible for any injury to the athlete/s due to their own negligence or lack of knowledge about the sport, we urge you to please lift responsibly.
• Real Strength Pvt. Ltd does not in any way promote athletes on performance enhancing medications, please honor the sanctity of this sport and play clean and honorably.
• If you have a health condition please contact your health supervisor, sports doctor or general family physician before you compete for this event.

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